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Acme Job Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Job Placement recruitment firm in India. It is the fastest growing Executive Search and Recruitment Company in India revolutionizing recruitment and temporary staffing in the region with its unparalleled functionality and quality. Acme Job Solutions offers a fast, easy, effective and cost efficient method for employers to find quality candidates and for job seekers to find the right jobs. The company is today widely regarded for providing quality people.

Our extensive database enables us to rapidly, accurately and confidentially search for qualified applicants without the need for costly and time-consuming process.

In addition, Acme Job Solutions offers expert advice on job hunting and career development, as well as an opportunity to network with other professionals through online forums and discussions.
Our focus is on working with professionals who have acquired and maintained the highest levels of experiences in Specific domains
We add value by understanding our clients' unique business, culture and vision.